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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  April 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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"the war room" with jennifer grandholm. have a beautiful evening, and thananananananananananananananananananananananananananananan ♪ [ theme music ] ♪ welcome to "the war room" on a friday night. i'm jennifer grandholm. a serial liar like serial cheater is often believable at first, you are hoping that his latest position his processed love for you will stick this time, even though you suspect that he has been playing footsy with another. but no one wants to be shown to have followed or fallen in love with a flip flopping, hollow chameleon like shell.
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i'm sure you don't. so tonight, like the good friend bearing bad news i'm here to tell you that your lover has cheated on you, republicans, your candidate has not been true. here is mitt romney today speaking to the national rifle association. >> this president the constitution would be my guide. the decoration of independence would be my compass. >> a guide and compass are exactly what mitt romney needs. he has been all over the map on the issue of gun control and guns. let's take a look back at the evolution of mitt romney on gun control. so here he is ten years ago, describing how proud he is of his state's tough gun laws. >> we do have tough gun laws in massachusetts. i support them. i won't chip away at them. i believe they help protect us and provide for safety.
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>> his first year he didn't chip away he increased them. he even signed a ban on assault weapons. but then things changed. he decided to run for president, and he made a beeline to the right, or a flip flop. first he created massachusetts right to bare arms day. and then he became a lifetime member of the nra and began bragging about all of his hunting exploits take a listen. >> i'm not a big game hunter. i have always been if you will, a rodent and rabbit hunter. and i began when i was -- oh 15 or so and have hunted those kinds of varmints. >> not only did he say he went hunting more than two times, he also said he owned two shotguns. it was later revealed they were actually owned by his sons but
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by the end of 2007 the transformation of mitt romney was complete. he was a full-fledged been-loving, second amendment, defending friend of the nra. here he is in a taped message to that gun group, rewriting his entire record. >> as governor i worked closely with the nra and the gun-owner action league to advance legislation that expanded the rights of gun owners in my state, and my door was always open to you, and that will continue to be the case if i'm elected president. >> joining me now is john rosenthal, he has worked to pass gun control legislation in massachusetts when mitt romney was governor. john thanks for joining me inside "the war room." >> my pleasure. >> john in 2004 if i read this correctly, mitt romney invited you to be at the signing of his
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ban on assault weapons, and i'm wondering if you can tell that story a bit. did you anticipate that? and what happened? >> well as a gun owner and a business person i have been the lead advocate for gun laws and gun violence prevention efforts in massachusetts since 1995. and in fact we have the lowest firearm fatality rate and the most comprehensive gun laws in the nation. and as a gun owner, there's no inconvenience, but we simply require accountability and responsibility on the part of gun owners dealers, manufacturers, and law enforcement. i was the lead advocate for the assault assault weapon ban. frankly we didn't even know if he would sign it, and if he was going to sign it he certainly hadn't reached out to me as the
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lead advocate to be at the bill signing until two hours before the bill signing, and i was asked to come to the state house, and speak at the press conference about the importance of this gun law, and at the time, the gun owners action league, the nra was there, and they had been asked to speak, but the governor and his people made a calculation that morning that there were more people in favor of the law than in support of the nra, so he literally peeled off -- his staff people peeled off the little label on the podium where the nra was going to speak, and they wrote my name down and asked me to speak, and that's an indication of governor romney's sort of intensity about issues. he doesn't really care about guns, or victims of gun
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violence, it's simply about votes, and pandering to the market share, the largest market share -- >> he is governor of massachusetts. where had he been up to that point on the issue of gun control? and when do you think he started to flip? >> well, as you saw from those clips, he had been very supportive. again, we had been the leader in the country, and we simply require responsibility and accountability. where we don't ban guns other than assault weapons and saturday night specials, and we have been prove ebb to be the leader in gun violence prevention. he could have taken think high ground as a gun owner himself and say we can reduce injuries and deaths without banning guns look what we did in massachusetts. as soon as he started to think about running for president, he realized he needed wanted the nra, and their special interest campaign contributions even though the nra doesn't even support background checks for
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people on suspected terrorist watch lists or at gun shows. 33 states the nra has -- has successfully lobbied, so there's no background check or id requirement for private gun sales -- >> don't you think -- >> that is apparently now -- i'm sorry. >> was just going to say he spoke today obviously at the nra. he is seeking their support. do you think despite all of this history, that he will get it? >> yes. because i don't think the nra -- i know this is going to sound strange. the nra doesn't care much about guns. they use guns as a wedge issue to pretend that democrats are going to confiscate guns and therefore you have to support the right-wing of the. party. fit was baby carriages that moved people they would support baby carriages. the nra is about power, and they
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use money to control politicians. and romney is going for as much market share as we can get. he doesn't care about guns much more than a lot of people in the nra leadership. >> what you just said is very controversial. what you are saying is the nra doesn't care about guns all they care about is getting republicans elected. there are a lot of democrats who are members of the nra and supported by the nra. my guess is they would push back at you pretty strongly. >> well there are plenty of democrats that kowtow to the nra too. we can't get a law in congress to require a criminal background check on gun sales. in michigan it has been known that terrorists and criminals use those gun shows because you don't need a background check. democrats are afraid of the nra almost as much or more so than republicans. the only thing i will say about
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what the nra does care about, with the 23 states that the nra has gotten to pass these stand your ground laws it is my humble opinion that they are just fine with making sure that guns are easily accessible to poor urban, non-white americans and they are perfectly happy to see them kill each other. now with these stand your ground laws allow anyone to kill anyone. and as long as a high percentage of the victims are frankly poor and non-white, i think the nra is perfectly likely to see that continue. >> wow. that's a powerful statement. but the problem is of course ever since the brady bill was not passed you have seen this argument be lost at the federal level and state level as well. how can people raise their
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voices in an effective way against the nra? >> they really have to -- to vote. get out to the polls. they have to go to their legislatures and talk about common sense gun laws like background checks without banning guns. look we all love our children as much as -- you know anybody. and today 83 americans will die, 105 will be shot and of the people that die, about eight will be under 20 years old. you could fill fenway park with 110,000 kids that have been killed over the last 30 years, three times. why is that acceptable to congress? why is that acceptable to governors around the country? frankly, politicians need to find their backbone stand up for public safety. it's not about banning guns or
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unlimited access to gun, it's how to criminals, kids and terrorists access guns and you have to start with a mandatory background check for all gun dealers. and i think you would see the gun deaths go down to a fraction without any inconvenience to gun owners like me. >> well mr. rosenthal, i really appreciate you coming on and i really appreciate the work that you are doing. i know we will be following this issue. >> thank you so much for having me. >> mitt romney was not just at the nra convention to talk guns though. for more on that we'll head out to the campaign front. ♪ so mitt romney did bring out a secret weapon at the mra convention but it has nothing to do with the second amendment. take a listen.
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>> there's one more person i would like to introduce. this is a hero of mine. i happen to believe that all moms are working moms. and if you have five sons, why, your work is never over. my sweetheart ann romney. [ cheers and applause ] >> let me give a shout out to all moms that are working, and by the way, to all dads that are working. we love all of you. >> of course they are referring to the controversy over democratic strategist hilary rosen's criticism of ann romney not working a day in her life. but now with us for the latest insight on the mom front is san francisco chronicle political reporter joe garafoli and kamau bell. we'll be seeing a lot more of mr. bell in august when his
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currently unnamed show from chris rock premiered on fx. welcome you both inside "the war room." >> good to be here. >> on this issue of ann romney you wrote a column today saying this is a manufactured issue. >> it was a colleague that did that. but i have written about it also. wondering why we're talking about ann romney's -- what she -- what she says and does. she does not make policy. the issue is an interesting one, but the issue we should be talking about is what the ryan budget is going to do to working moms and dads, and what the democrats are going to do to try to preserve social security and medicare. it is like he is wearing a cape
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and he is like here is my friend. >> hilary rosen said she would not be on "meet the press," but isn't romney so happy to have this issue. >> it's sad -- i can finally take a stand. i'm for moms. >> right. right. i'm waiting for the apple pie -- >> against next he'll be against moms. >> i'm totally against moms. i'm not for moms. >> speaking of flip flop did you see his presentation at the nra convention. >> a little bit, yeah. >> it was very interesting to me because he really didn't dive into -- he knows that he has got all of this history, and he couldn't really dive into it so what he talked about was freedom, et cetera and he also went after the president clearly. >> right. who's record is nebulous on guns. >> he hasn't done anything. >> yeah and the nra doesn't
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have a big deal against him, other than the fact of what he could potentially do. when he was about to be elected there was a rush on guns because we didn't know what was going to happen. >> yes there has been nothing. and he is not going to do anything, for a lot of the reasons that the guest previously said. this is an issue that has both democrats and republicans in tough areas. it's areas where there are high crime rates in urban areas, where you have mayors standing up strong, but in many rural areas it's not an issue that anyone wants to take on because hunting is the culture of many states. >> you are from michigan -- >> it is haunting state. [overlapping speakers] >> it is a religion. you go to your -- >> you about like that's a big -- >> it's a big thing. [ laughter ]
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>> and they don't hit anything except people. >> you come to michigan -- >> people who claim they are hunters also have swords in their wallets. >> and they have moose heads on their walls. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> okay, so we are going to come back to you guys because we have a lot to cover. and you will be around for a couple of segments. i don't want you to leave. coming up ever wonder how california came california? a new documentary sheds light on the first family of golden state politics. plus there's viral and then there's viral! we're going to meet with the creators of texts from hilary. it's friday in "the war room," and we want you to come along for the ride. break open a deer a glass of wine. we have the popcorn, we are relaxed. we have funny people on set.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.
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>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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♪ massachusetts senate race between republican scott brown and democrat elizabeth warren is taking a detour from politics to baseball. brown released a radioed a to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the red sox. take a listen. but there is a problem, according to the associated press, because in 2001 when scott brown was in the state house, he actually suggested that the ball club move to a sight shared by boston's nfl team. quote:
9:21 pm
sounds like brown may be learning how to be fast and loose with the facts, and maybe he learned a little bit of that from his buddy mitt romney. but any way, san francisco political reporter, joe garofoli, and political satirist w. kamau bell have stuck around here. they are going to help us break down this and more political us in of the day. is this a big deal? any time you are running against a female candidate, the same thing with true with martha pokily, the woman has got to be up on her baseball facts. >> yeah. >> and she wasn't and elizabeth brown said something i would say, my husband feeds me the stories about what is going on with the sox, but is this a story -- this ad and this effort to connect with real people? >> it's a little story, be it
9:22 pm
does -- this is what real people care about. >> it is a big story. >> right. >> my family right now is taping this show and watching the penguin's hockey game live. >> as is my 10-month-old daughter. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> your 10-month-old daughter and rick santorum 3-year-old daughter just got a lifetime membership to the nra today. but we're talking about baseballs or sports. this ad doesn't say a word about i'm running, i hope you vote for me it's totally about connecting. >> it's a caesar trail for the campaign. >> i think it is too. i wanted to ask you about this issue of tax returns. the president released his. he pushed mitt romney to release
9:23 pm
his. and what did mitt romney do? filed an extension. >> until after he wins the presidency, probably. >> he doesn't want to go near this. >> no, way. >> the pressure is going to be too much. >> right. we'll release -- he'll bury it in early august or something when nobody is paying attention, everybody is on vacation but the returns are there. he has given two decades worth of returns to the john mccain -- >> so what is the big deal? >> he doesn't want to reveal that he is a wealthy guy -- is there any way he would spin it? >> his dad was a success figure in america. >> and his dad released 12 years worth of taxes and pressured
9:24 pm
other candidates to do the same. >> exactly. [ overlapping speakers ] >> too soon? [ laughter ] >> okay. >> pull me off camera. >> so there's a story of the week, of course, is the buffet rule and the president is pushing -- of course this is coinciding with everybody getting ready to file taxes. gallup poll released said that said that 60% of americans favor the buf. 74% of democrats. 63% of independents and 43% of republicans all favor the buffet rule. it is a no-lose from the president's point of view right? >> it is a winning issue. it will never get through the house. these people -- they will be politically killed if they vote for any new taxes even if it's on 3 billionaires --
9:25 pm
>> because [ inaudible ] rose up against them. >> you can't have rich people voting for more taxes on rich people. everybody in america thinks that some day they will be super rich. they think i don't think if i want to vote for this because one day i'm going to hit the lottery. >> it's got to be over a million, so, you know. there was another poll that released today, and that was from fox news in that fox news poll showed that mitt romney is leading president bush 46 to 44%. do you buy it? >> oh, absolutely. i think it is going to be super close all the way. within the marge of error all the way until election day. >> i think that was taken at fox news.
9:26 pm
o'reilly what do you think? >> i think he is going to win. >> i think we cannot assume anything. i think it will be a close race too. we're two points or whatever -- >> as soon as you put those two dudes on stage next to each other, it's all over. >> i hope so. okay. they say, as california goes so goes the rest of the country, and a new documentary shows why. and later take a little photographs,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,s, you've heard jennifer's views, now let's hear yours. >>the war room needs your help. >>the only online forum with a direct line to jennifer granholm. >>our goal is to bring you behind the scenes with access to stories that you've never seen before. >> join the debate now.
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current covers: brought to you by the new scion iq. the ted conference brings together the brightest minds to transform the world through big ideas and innovation. to learn more go to scion: what moves you. ♪ california is known for its famous governors, there was of course ronald reagan, and arnold schwarzenegger, and before them there was governor pat brown. he served in the 50s and 60s after he was the most influential in shaping modern-day california. he brought to life california's parched deserts, expanded the state highways, his legacy is
9:30 pm
profiled in the new documentary "california state of mine" featured at this weekend's fill festival. >> i don't believe people know pat brown's story. he was willing to take risk and take risk for the right reason. >> pat brown talked about thinking big. in that is the very think that is lacking a lot of times in sacramento. you have to be able to communication that vision. and pat brown did that. that is what leadership all about. >> hilary armstrong, executive producer of "california state of mind," thank you so much for coming inside "the war room."
9:31 pm
>> thank you for having me. >> with was a labor of love. >> absolutely. it was seven years. >> wow! >> it was absolutely worth it. >> just so everybody who is watching if they wanted to see it where would they go. >> we have been in a lot of film festivals, but we're going to be on public television starting in may, and it will be national. which is really exciting for us. >> let's put us in place, why should people want to watch this? your grandfather had these fantastic dreams and love for his state, and he believed that anything was possible, and, you know, today a lot of people look at california and say there are so many challenges in california. what do you think your grandfather would say about the current state of california? >> he would be very
9:32 pm
disappointed. he built the master plan for education so everybody would have a place to go. and it is just not affordable anymore. and he would be really, really upset about that. >> we'll watch one more clip from the movie, where we see how forward thinking your grandfather was. take a watch. >> we can't plan for next year or five years or ten years, we have to plan to the year of 2000 which will be upon us very very quickly. >> i'm just wondering, he was thinking so far ahead -- did people see him as being a progressive at the time? >> i think they did. especially when it came to civil rights. it was not popular at all, and he did it at the risk of his own career. i didn't know that he knew martin luther king. and i wished we had that conversation. he was humble and always wanted
9:33 pm
to know what i was doing, and i later new this was one of his greatest accomplishments. >> what did he do in that regard? >> fair housing. he came out strong that fair housing was the right thing to do, and he stuck to his gut and followed his values and didn't compromise them. >> do you think he could get elected today? >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> so you have got -- you come from a political dinesty, obviously. you are this great articulate young woman. >> no i'm not going to be running for office. >> stop it. that's not the answer you are supposed to say. >> i'm very happy that my uncle is doing the job, and doing a very good job. i hope people watch this movie because i think they could learn a lot about california
9:34 pm
leadership, civil rights and we'll do an educational outreach as well. >> it's a great service not just for california but for the nation to see a heard like that. hilary armstrong, executive producer of "california state of mind." and for even more on the film go to our digital war room at and you can find out how to get tickets and much more. and now to what has got me fired up tonight. it is related to the conversation we just had. we talked a lot lately about how republicans are trying to take us back to a by-gone era. it seems they return us to the 1950s in both thought and deed but there's one striking difference between the republicans of yesterday and the republicans of today. the republicans of yesterday believed in building this country for the greater good. republicans of yesterday believed in working together to
9:35 pm
make this country the best and they believed in investing for our children's future. lincoln built the transcontinental railroad and signed the moral land grant act. teddy roos have it built the panama canal and believed in a fair and progressive tax system. richard nixon gave us the environmental protection agency. remember when conservatives actually wanted to conservative what we had, but at the same time could be counted on to get behind big ideas that made this country great? no longer. the romney ryan budget vision for america is to disinvest in our people and our great country. they dream small dreams of shrinkage, not big visions of growth. the roads would continue to crumble, the land destroyed by polluters under the guise of
9:36 pm
freedom. i think the republican forefathers would be appalled if they could see what is happening now in their name. in fact it's likely that today, they would just call themselves as i understand it in radio they can't see you, so this is big for me. >>tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's new morning news block. >>it's completely inappropriate for television. >>sharp tongue, quick wit and about all, politically direct. >>politically direct to me means no bs, the real thing, cutting through the clutter. my show is the most important show in the world.
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secretary of state hilary clinton has been called many things, since she came on to the scene, hip might have been one of them. but that changed this week after her starring role in the latest viral sensation texts from hilary. it imagines text conversations from everyone from joe biden to joe gosling. coming to us tonight are adam
9:40 pm
smith and stacy lambe creators of the "texts from hillary" tumbler. thank you guys so much for joining us inside "the war room." i got to get my blackberry. or my droid i should say. [ laughter ] >> i'll ask adam the first question. how did you come up with this idea? >> stacey and i were having a drink or . . . two, at the bar on wednesday night, last wednesday after work. and i said stacey have you seen this picture of hilary clinton. she has sunglasses on she is looking at her blackberry, and stacey said texts from hilary and i said perfect. >> like all good ideas made up at the bar. i'm toasting you with a glass of wine right now. >> we don't have one. >> you have your droids though. stacey when did you know that you had a viral hit on your hands? >> you know, i think what really set it off was in the morning,
9:41 pm
buzzfeed has actually posted it right away, and we had only had four posts up at that point, and they called it the best political mien they had seen all year, and when you get a label like that after four hits you are like oh my gosh from there it just went crazy, and i think by 5:00 we were on the front page of >> that is so outstanding. adam -- you ended up making hilary clinton very hip. i'm sure that wasn't your initial intention, right? >> i have always loved the idea of powerful women texting each other, but i thought maybe i was the only one, and i guess that's just not the case. [ laughter ] >> i love this. so what did you think when you got an email from her people stacey? wasn't it a shock? >> it was a total shock. i remember staring at the
9:42 pm
computer and going what is this. and i immed adam and i said did you just see what i saw? i go who is this person? i immediately wiki peediaed the name, what is happening right now. it was really wild. >> let's show the audience secretary clinton's own submission. i don't know if you knew she was going to have such a good sense of humor about it but i would like to show it for the audience. hang on. >> i -- i'm not sure that you can fully see it. but you get the idea those who are watching here. they are so funny. and then after this was submitted, stacey what was your meeting actually like with secretary clinton? because you had a follow-up. you actually met her? >> yeah no. that was the great part about this whole experience as i said you guys should come on over to the -- to meet hilary and we're
9:43 pm
like what? okay. you know. how can we say no to that. it was great. she came out she was laughing having a great time. >> we have a picture of it. >> yeah. >> she was like hey, we should start texting. so we pulled out our blackberries and got to business. >> who new, hip and fun that secretary of state. stacy lambe and adam smith thanks so much for coming into "the war room" and for your great sense of humor. coming up the man, the myth, the legend our own brett ehrlich as a special surprise we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform.
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other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. while experts are conducting scientific polls to determine how much damage the long primary campaign has done to the gop brett ehrlich has conducted a poll that involves absolutely no science whatsoever. shhhh, brett's talking now. ♪ >> ever since rick santorum got out of the race the question has become was the republican primary so long and nasty that it completely ruined republicans in the eyes of the voter. i went on think website to ask my followers, after all of this do you have anything nice to say
9:48 pm
about the candidates. and wouldn't you know it i actually got over 100 responses. like this one on rick santorum: oh, that's sweet. and my condolences to your beta fish. newt gingrich got his compliment like this one from nic m. you are right about the location of his noses and eyes and mouth. but perhaps the most heart-felt compliment came for mitt romney. for mitt romney that is the biggest compliment you can give. and this compliment is super deep and extremely observant, and it comes from renlong. mitt sounds like mitten which is cute. you are right. and mitt just like finger less mittens create a lot of
9:49 pm
awkwardness. >> i like to be able to fire people that provide services to me. >> who let the dogs out. who? who. >> i'm done talking now. hold me. ♪ >> but, brett is actually not done talking. now he's here in living color! so glad to have you inside "the war room." >> it's fantastic to be here. this is like the second time we have ever met. >> i know i feel like you are my son or something. >> oh, wow. that's fantastic. >> here you are in my ear every night. >> that's great. i have never done live tv before -- actually i don't want people to know that can we go back and do that again. >> but you came with show and tell. >> i did. there were over 100 responses to that question. >> and the question was? >> do you have anything nice to say about the candidates. and i got some compliments about
9:50 pm
the whole field. this one is from ejjury. it says: >> very nice. >> and this one next one: >> oh! >> and i can't think of any four-letter words right now. so -- that's it. and this one is from rickb. and there's a new three stooges movie coming out. >> oh nice. >> and i have some photo shops, we're showing the poster itself of the three stooges movie, and here is what it would look like. and the folks at home hopefully can see it. and the newt gingrich one is amazing. if he had the curlily hair it
9:51 pm
would be fantastic. >> how do you decide who gets the sharp knives? >> usually it has to do with who is the easiest, most convenient person to make fun of and it's usually pretty hard to decide that, because they have been so easy. >> they have. brett is going to stick around and after the break we'll get our round table take on cory booker! it's friday in "the war room" and d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d jennifer speaks truth to power. >>the bottom line is we need an amendment. >>now it's your turn. connect with "the war room" jennifer granholm. >>it's a call to arms. make your voice heard. [ female announcer ] e-trade was founded on the simple belief that bringing you better technology helps make you a better investor. with our revolutionary new e-trade 360 dashboard you see exactly where your money is and what it's doing live. our e-trade pro platform offers
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i think it's brilliant. me and stephanie miller in the morning what a way to start the day. ♪ newark, new jersey major, cory booker is best known for choosing for living in one of the roughest parts of the city but last night he proved he is also a hero. he ran into a burning building and pulled a woman out to safety. take a look.
9:54 pm
>> in that moment when you hear somebody calling for help and you are staring at a room engulfed in flames it is very, very terrifying. people say bravery, i felt fear. and especially on the other side, i really didn't think we were going to get out of there. >> he suffered burns on his hand. and the woman is recovering at a local hospital. she is okay. back with me is our brett ehrlich, san francisco political reporter, joe garofoli, and political satirist w. kamau bell. he is hero or just a man doing his job. >> how broken is newark new jersey that the mayor is also a fireman? >> he is a multi-tasking. >> the building was on fire
9:55 pm
which for newark means it was in pretty good shape. >> oh stop. >> i want to be a cynic here for a second and i want to talk to the cops in there with them and i want to make sure everybody he said he did, he did -- >> that's so unromantic. >> in a future race somebody is going to say -- >> i heard them describe he threw her over his shoulder, and punched through a kitchen -- >> punching a through a kitchen. >> the twitter world, for example, one time i needed a kidney cory booker instantly ripped out his own handed it to me and flew away. or:
9:56 pm
>> love that. or one of my favorites, finally: nice. >> he had nothing left to do. >> our next black president. >> i'm serious. >> me too. >> the last time a new jersey politician punched through a kitchen, it was chris christie because they had nachos. but he couldn't take it. >> joe, i don't know if you saw it today. krugman went after chris christie for having turned down this money to be able to drill down underneath the hudson saying his mendacosty.
9:57 pm
and how this will hurt him to run as vice president. >> no, it won't. >> i think it only helps if christy joins [ inaudible ] with a sex change. >> that's what they need. >> they need to pool the deaf graphics together. >> we're going to finish our beers and continue to talk politics here. unfortunately you all have to go. thanks to you all for joining us here in "the war room." someone is always in our "war room," check us out on line at make your voice heard. thanks for
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